Digital Compositioning, Dispatching and 360 degree Communication Tracking

Complete end to end tracking of electronic and physical dispatches on single platform. Right from generation to emailing, to printing bounces as well as physical dispatching of transactional statements – we’ve a complete solution for all. Plus, we ensure there is full compliance reporting for all your processes with untamperable logs.

Digitization, Indexing and Content Extraction

The tedious process of scanning your documents in bulk, indexing and generating output files is now super-fast & easy. Extract your critical content like signatures, photographs, account numbers etc. in one go. Also, give your documents a full-text searchable feature with the OCR technology.

Document Management Software

What if you could organize your scanned and electronic documents (such as Word, Excel, PPT etc.), at a central repository? Plus, the comfort of indexing and categorizing your documents into various buckets. With DMS, we’ve made it possible.

Account Opening and KYC Automation Services

Study, streamline and automate all of your account opening processes. When we say automation, we mean everything — scanning AOF forms, extraction of KRA documents, extraction of cKYC documents and submission of KRA and cKYC documents.

CRM Solution Deployment

A fully-configurable CRM solution with a visual ability for multiple queues, escalation, reporting and a comprehensive dashboard. Plus, it also carries the functionality to transfer cases from one agent to another and initiate a case by phone or email.

Robotic Process Automation and Cloud Migration services

Our proven methodology to automate your business processes using software robotic automation. This includes automating complex processes of document creation, compression, cloud migration etc. The task to migrate in-house IT workloads to a cloud environment – now made possible.

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